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Was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana in a household that where my father listened to The Ventures while my mother listened to Waylon Jennings. Naturally I gravitated to KISS and Heavy Metal just to irritate them. In college I started opening my mind to other types of music, and started listening to more alternative. I still listen to everything from Queensryche to Beethoven, and most everything in between.

I have been playing off and on for over 20 years, not really doing anything serious. I finally got a major kick in the ass from some friends who pressed me to start recording an album. To be honest, sometimes it is hard to know when your friends say that you have decent stuff how much of that is your friend talking as opposed to someone who is being seriously objective. I finally heard enough positive comments to believe that there might be some merit in trying to do something, so I am recording a CD presently.

My current musical output is more folk/country-rock/rock oriented, but I have been experimenting with other instrumentation and synthesizers to break out of any classification that anyone can put on me. Good music is good music, regardless of the label that people want to put on it.

Peace to all!

D Frayne Bourne


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